Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ole! Birthday!

It was my roommates birthday the other day and so we decided to have a festive dinner celebration with cake, wine and Mexican Food!!
I truly feel that a really nice way of getting a group of dinner guests together, is to serve a food that allows people to use their hands, get messy and not be embarrassed to take seconds, or even spill! And I don't think many food types are as accommodating as Mexican food is!
More specifically Tacos! We had everything one needs for a taco dinner, the ground beef, the purchased "taco kit", the guacomole, sliced tomatoes, sliced red onions, cherry tomatoes, grated cheese, salsa, soft taco shells, AND hard taco shells!!

I hate the way in which a hard taco crumbles, and due to my gluten intolerance I can't eat a flour tortilla, so I have in the past created a new "Lee Taco" which is really just all the Taco trimmings, including crumbled up hard taco shell on top of a taco salad. It's really just a deconstructed Taco! But since Elsa likes soft tacos only, we had to have the authentic mixings!
One of my favourite things to make when organizing a mexican themed dinner is homemade Guacomole! It's super easy, nutritious because it has nothing but fresh, fresh, fresh ingredients and is amazingly beautiful.
Lee's Guacomole Recipe:
3-4 Haas Avocados - unfortunately, it's hard to find Haas avocados in Israel, and so I am using a different kind, but ideally, Haas is my favourite because of its creamy green colour and rich avocado flavour
Juice of 1 and a Half limes
Fresh Coriander leaves
1 Tomato
Half a Large red onion
Half a Jalapeno Pepper
Salt & Pepper
Scoop the Avocados out of their skins into a large bowl, mash with a fork until the mixture is a uniform green colour, with no chunks
Add the diced red onions, chunked tomatoes, coriander leaves, Jalapeno pepper, s&p and Lime juice. Done!! Mix it all together and serve with Tortilla chips!!

The dinner was a great success, I also stir-fried some chicken with some paprika s&p in some Olive Oil, in case anyone wanted a Fajita sort of deal.

Going to Jerusalem this weekend, to show Jonah around and I am hoping we will also find great culinary adventures!

Elsa is now in Paris celebrating her birthday week with her family, so all the way from Israel I am wishing her a Happy Birthday and sending her endless kisses!

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  1. awww what a lovely way to celebrate a birthday! I agree dig in and get messy is the best way to eat with friends!!! but hands off my Guac...I don't share with anybody!!! xo